Food Chemistry - Laboratory Filter


Food Chemistry - Laboratory Filter


Liquid samples are common in laboratory work. In these samples not all components are soluble and exist as particulates, gel or large insoluble polymers. Most analysis can only be carried for soluble components and the insoluble must be removed otherwise they block analytical equipment like columns. Filtration is a standard procedure in laboratories but they require very accurately sized membranes. This makes the selection of a reliable source very important. Besides many laboratory chemicals are aggressive and require specialized materials. PT Biosicence together with GVS supplies very accurately sized membranes and in many different materials to make your lab work precise and labor saving.

Filter Membranes

Laboratory membranes are commonly used in the lab in conjunction with filter holders of various sizes. GVS membranes are supplied in sizes from 13m to 30cm in round shape. They are used for prefiltration, solvent filtration for HPLC, sample clarification etc. GVS membranes are known for their high quality and accurate pore sizes allowing you confidence in your laboratory work



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