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During production of protein-based food like slaughter houses, protein residues remain on the surface even after cleaning. For protein-based processor, cleaning is difficult as proteins encourage the formation of tough biofilms. r-Biopharm RIDA CHECK is a rapid swab test which detects low levels of protein up to as low as 20µgm. This low level of detection also allows RIDA CHECK to be used for allergen cross contamination in food processing plants as all allergens specified as the Big 8 are protein based.


RIDA CHECK detection method is based on the reaction of protein with the indicator molecules. This induces a colorimetric color change on the head of the protein swab stick and the color of the head changes from yellow to green with the presence of any protein molecules.

According to the intensity of the color change (yellow → light green → green → dark green) the guideline determination of the contamination level is possible. The size of the sampling area should equal to approximately 20 cm2 (4.5 cm x 4.5 cm). A color change card is provided for reference.

The operator then determines whether the level of contamination in the tested area is still acceptable (according to routinely observed and recorded color levels) to decide if corrective action has to be initiated.

Colorimetric reaction of RIDA CHECK indicator swabs after wiping the sampling areas which had been contaminated with the protein standard solutions.



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